You Can't Always Take Multiple Loads to a Laundromat

That's where our local laundry cleaning company in Wenatchee, WA comes in

You never know if the laundromat will be crowded when you arrive. Some facilities also have odd hours, so you might not be able to wash your clothes at the nearest laundromat when you get off work. Maybe you don't want to use apartment shared washer and driers, maybe you are just too behind and overwhelmed, or simply you HATE doing laundry. Hiring Lake Laundry would be the solution for YOU!

As a full-service laundry washing company, we'll gladly...

  • Pick up your dirty laundry during an open time slot
  • Wash your clothes at our facility in Wenatchee, WA
  • Fold your clothes and sort them into laundry bags
  • Delivery your clean laundry to your home or place of business
Best of all, the full-service laundry washing process takes just 24 hours, or 48 hours for 15 or more bags. Call 509-860-5292 now to set up an appointment.

Anyone can benefit from our services

Whether you're a busy homemaker or a harried business owner, you can hire our local laundry cleaning company to wash your clothes and linens. You can turn to us for...

  • Dry cleaning services
  • Gym towel cleaning services
  • Shirt ironing services
  • Slack ironing services
  • Spa robe cleaning services
  • Uniform cleaning services
Contact our laundry cleaning company in Wenatchee, WA today to get your clothes and linens cleaned for an affordable price.

Forgot to empty the pockets?

Don't panic - we'll set aside valuable items and dispose of overlooked tissues before we wash your clothes. That way, your clothes won't come out stained or covered in lint.